A list of things I’ve lost or had nicked on this jaunt, in chronological order:


one  Japanese Spa Minerals roll-on deodorant,

one half-full bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo of a pretty vile green colour,

a pencil case full of teacher’s markers (used to make hitch-hiking signs), assorted company biros

and all the unwanted treasures of departed classrooms.

one pair of nail clippers,

one MUCH BELOVED railwayman’s beret, with harlequin triangles of velvet and tweed,

and a whorled motif of a violin (ALAS!  t’was purchased at the West Village Market in Asheville, of local origin).

one MASTA helath passport with a yellow fever certificate:

(that may cause problems for future trips).

sixteen hundred Mexican pesos,

an appetite for maize-based fodder,

and a light green t-shirt with an elephant print (sorry Leo!)